K-Tek Stingray Rain Bib

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The redesigned K-Tek Rain Bib is designed for use with the Stingray Harness:

  • New Top piece with elastic edge to further reduce rain penetration
  • Quick deployable
  • Clips onto harness shoulder straps and hooks into harness
  • Wraps around and below the bag to protect from splashes
  • Designed to be gust proof
  • Features waterproof zippers
  • Comes in a pouch

In its second generation the K-Tek Rain Bib was redesigned to further improve it for use with the Stingray Harness. A new and elastic top piece further reduces potential for rain to get under the rainbib by stretching across just below the harness hooks and lay flat against the wearer’s chest. Packaged in a convenient pouch that also attaches to the harness, the Stingray Rain Bib quickly and easily deploys. It clips onto harness shoulder straps and hooks into sides and or back of the harness for a tight fit around the bag. A wrap around design cradles the bag to protect from splashes and results in a gust proof design to eliminate ballooning up of the rain bib in windy conditions. Waterproof zippers ensure easy access to the mixer and bag combination.

The Rainbib for the Stingray Harness comes in a pouch.

1x K-Tek Stingray Rain Bib

1x Zippered Pouch

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