K-Tek Stingray Utility Hip Pack, Black w/ Orange interior

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Comfortable to wear, extremely versatile and spacious Hip Pack

A major evolutionary leap from the good, old fashioned Fanny Pack, this customer-designed Hip Pack is extremely versatile and spacious.

Identical in function and size to the previous 1st generation Stingray Utility Hip Pack, this new X-Series version received a facelift to match the new X Series mixer bag.

Comfortable to wear, it becomes a natural extension of your body – like a piece of clothing. A wide waistbelt and removable thigh-strap ensure the Hip Pack stays in place like a thigh holster; but it can also be worn like a traditional fanny pack or even across the shoulder.

Two large main compartments feature various storage pouches for many accessories, gizmos, gak and even mobile phone. A dedicated organizer offers quick access to pens, medium scissors and screw drivers.

Designed by and for Sound Utilities and Boom Operators, the KSUHX Utility Hip Pack is also an everyday piece of work-wear facilitating various roles other on-set departments like lighting, grip, camera, costumes and script; it’s an overall convenience both on and off-set.

The Hip Pack is large enough to fit a Sound Devices MixPre-3 or MixPre-6 plus various accessories for ultra-stealth recording. It is a perfect companion for the optional K-Tek Stingray X Series Audio Mixer Bags. The KSUHX Stingray utility hip pack features a high visibility orange interior.

K-Tek Stingray X-Series

K-Tek’s thought out approach and meticulous feedback with extensive testing by industry professionals in the field, make the Stingray X Series Audio Mixer Bags and Stingray Bag accessories the most thought through solutions for the audio professional. They make everyday tasks more convenient and comfortable resulting in efficient and focused products that are also really good looking!

1x Stingray Utility Hip Pack X-Series with orange interior

  • Removable, adjustable Thigh Belt
  • Adjustable Waist Belt