MERGING Technologies

The company is one of the world leading producers of high-end equipment for the audio industry. Recording studios and broadcast companies around the world has their products installed.

It was founded in 1990 in Chexbres, Swiss, by Claude Cellier. Claude came from a position in the development department at Nagra, who was producing tape recorders for field recording and on-site interviews. Best known would be their Nagra IV-S and Nagra T-Audio TC. These products were known for their outstanding stability and quality.

Merging Technologies and Philips developed the format DXD to make it possible to master for the SACD format. Pyramix Virtual Studio was one of the first DAW’s to be able to work in high samplerates for this purpose, in a reliable way. Several of the Merging users has been nominated for a Grammy award for best sounding material.

In the development of Audio over IP, Merging was indeed in the lead of development. They very fast introduced their first Ravenna interface – The Horus, which still has state of the art converters and utilities for the studio and broadcast industry. AES/EBU, MADI, Ravenna/AES67 as well as Avid interface is possible formats the Horus can convert between.

Latest is the monitor controller and soundcard – Anubis. This piece of equipment takes a whole new direction and makes it possible in a very small format to have converters and preamps for the studio, home or commercial, and at the same time control very large format monitor systems like Dolby Atmos or even customized 22.2 systems. With multiple streams as inputs from all over the network created. All of this and on top an outstanding sound quality.

Merging – Horus