Meyer Sound was founded in 1979 by John and Helen Meyer. The company was built upon a strategy of making reliable speakers for sound reinforcement professionals.

The 1970’s were a decade of wild west in this field – at best it was inconsistent science – at worst the result was a showstopper. John wanted to produce speakers of high quality and on a foundation of trustworthy tools, make it consistent. Bringing the best solution for reproducing the sound of the talent to the audience.

In order to do this Meyer Sound has built all of their speakers around the philosophy of self-powered units. And still today, this is implemented in the whole speaker range.

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The company has built a product line based on science and innovation that covers all kinds of installations from theatres, venues, stadiums and worship houses to cinemas, studios and even restaurants, museums and office room sound designs.

During the company history more than 40 patents has been granted the innovations reaching from special cabinets, transducers and speaker designs to software.

Still today the innovation and science are a major part of the company philosophy resulting in various collaborations with universities, venues, cinema stages and festivals throughout the world. In Denmark we have the pleasure of meeting this collaboration with Roskilde Festival and DTU – Technical University of Denmark.

The high quality, low distortion and phase correct speakers makes engineers all over the world find these products very easy to work with and the result is a better experience for the audience – which is the whole idea.

Meyer Sound – Ultra X20