The legacy of this company is huge. The range of large format analogue audio consoles is still in use all over the world. It is said that SSL consoles has made more platinum albums than any other brand of analogue console manufactures.

It all started in 1969 as an organ pipe control system manufactory. Founder Colin Sanders was very interested in audio recording and produced a console for his own recording studio, Acorn Studios in Stonesfield, Oxfordshire.

1976 was the year when the first SSL 4000A was produced and the following years this console proved to be what we call an industry standard for high-end mixing consoles. Most know from the 4000 series is the E-series and G-series. These consoles are still to be found by producers, engineers and musicians as to be one of the best sounding mixing consoles ever made.

The line of analogue desks reached the 9000 series and was still among the most used consoles in this large format. The company also made their way into the broadcast and film industry.

Since 1985 SSL has been researching in digital audio and in the 1990’s was the “A-series” introduced for on-air broadcast, film industry and music making. In the 2000’s the C100/C200/C10 was widely installed in broadcast environments all over the world.

Latest in the digital domain is the Tempest engine. This engine is behind SSL’s first ever produced live console in 2013, and later in 2016, also used with the launch of the System T series.

System T is a digital console with a network structure, that uses the Dante AoIP protocol. This system has really made its entrance in the broadcast market over the last couple of years. Modular and all based on network makes it easy to configure even for the small companies. The many options that’s included in the system and the intuitive user interface makes it at strong player on the broadcast market. And the legacy of audio quality is easy to be heard!

Nordic Pro Audio is distributing the T-system in Denmark.

SSL – System T S300