Linum Music T2 Single Cable - Black

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Feels weightless – almost invisible

With a diameter of 0.9mm and weight down to 4g, the Linum G2 Music is our lightest cable and ideal for active people and light travellers. Also, a good choice in the office for low-key music listening. The music version is the first cable we developed and still our favourite sound signature today for some earphones and as an all-round solution.

Your benefits:

  • Unbelievably thin – nearly weightless
  • The most comfortable of all cables
  • Almost invisible
  • No fatigue event after many hours of use
  • Almost no microphonics

Sound signature

The sound signature of Music is open and grandiose. Micro dynamic and ambience are evident when listening to complex compositions. It reaches a very high degree of definition in the perspective, which is very present. It is true to the music with a tremendous clarity. Please note, the sound signature of upgrade cables depends on your earphones (impedance/number of drivers) and your music preferences.

The perfect choice for:

  • Easy listening, classical and voice
  • Active lifestyle
  • Eyeglass wearers
  • under 10 ohms earphones
  • Too “bassy” earphones
  • 1x Linum Music cable with T2 connector and 3.5mm TRS mini jack plug
  • Focus
    • Ultimate comfort
    • Flat response
    • Speech
  • Target user:
    • Active people
    • Light traveller
    • Office
    • Security
    • Broadcasting
  • Connector types:
    • T2
  • Termination:
    • 3.5mm TRS
  • Construction:
    • Silver plated copper
    • Quad twisted cable - 7x6x4 = 168 strands
  • Impedance:
    • 2.0Ω
  • Pull strength:
    • 60N / 13lbss
  • Standard length
    • 127cm
  • Diameter:
    • Ø0.9mm
  • Weight
    • ~5g