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ProAV Expo Vest
Så er det igen snart messetid og Nordic Pro Audio, vil være at finde på stand nr. 17 på ProAV Expo Vest, som afholdes i Savværket i Aarhus, 3. november 2020.

Der vil bl.a. være lækkerier fra Wisycom og Meyer Sound, m.m.

Tilmeld dig som besøgende på messen her…


Meyer Sound AMIE 2020-kampagne
Kunne du tænke dig at oprette dit eget musikstudie eller 5.1 / 7.1 til filmproduktion? Så skal du høre vores Meyer Sound Amie-system …

Amie præcisions studiemonitoren er en kompakt højtydende højttaler designet til kritiske audio workflows i musik eller film, hvor nøjagtig gengivelse i fht større systemer er et krav. Amie er udviklet til at imødekomme de professionelles krav og giver dig mulighed for at høre dit arbejde med enestående præcision, billede og dybde.

Sammen med Amie-Sub er dette det perfekte match til near field monitorløsninger til musik og post-production.

I Amie-Sub er der et bass-management card, der gør integration mellem top og sub let.

Klik her for priser og mere information om AMIE 2020 KAMPAGNE…

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27. juli 2020
Med stor sorg må vi fortælle, at vi i dag har mistet en meget kær og elsket ven og kollega ?
Bo er her til morgen gået bort, efter længere tids sygdom.
Han var en fighter til det sidste, og slet ikke klar til at skulle afsted.
Jeg har personligt kendt og arbejdet sammen med Bo, en af branchens skarpeste hjerner, i over 20 år.
Bo var et helt fantastisk menneske, super loyal ven, en helt ekstraordinær kompetent kollega, et omvandrende leksikon, og det bliver hårdt ikke at have ham hos os mere, både i og udenfor firmaet.
Bo, du vil altid være i vores firma ånd, vi savner dig utrolig meget alle sammen ❤️

God rejse!
Nordic Pro Audio

MEYER SOUND Dolby Atmos System at Mainstream
Mainstream ApS is one of the largest sound facilities in Scandinavia.
They provide studios for editing, ADR and Foley recordings and offer mixing stages in Copenhagen, Denmark and Trollháttan, Sweden.
At their Mainstream facility in Copenhagen, Denmark, Nordic Pro Audio just delivered a full Meyer Sound cinema loudspeaker system for mixing in Dolby Atmos, that includes 26x HMS-10 and 4x MPS-488HP.
“What is also an ambition is to be able to be proud of this facility when freelancers come from outside to use it, we use it ourselves so it has to be the best plugins, the best computers and the best speakers of course and that gives us the chance of being proud of what we present to other people”, says Hans Møller, Owner and Sound Designer from Mainstream.
“Thanks to our partners Nordic Pro Audio and Mainstream as well as Tim Harris working together on this great video project.”

Watch the video where you can see a successful independent studio working at a very high level!

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As of May 28, we have moved to new and better facilities…
280m from our previous address and we are ready to welcome new and old customers.

Hvidsværmervej 143
DK-2610 Rødovre

Mail and phone number as always…
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Please welcome the new Wisycom MCR54 4 Channel Multiband True Diversity Receiver

MCR54 is a camera quadruple true diversity wireless microphone receiver system in a modular stand alone or slot in configuration. It’s compatible with most camera’s slots and “multi-slot” mixer accessories.

– Four channels True Diversity receiver (8 Receiver boards!)
– Exceptional compactness and high robustness
– DSP Analogue & Digital Audio Output (AES3)
– Up to 790 MHz bandwidth in 470/1260 MHz range
– Next Gen Multiband front-end filtering:
High Q electronically tunable filter in 470-800 MHz
1st narrowband filter
2nd narrowband filter
– Wideband and Narrowband DSP-FM operation (SW selectable):
Narrowband allows more 50% band efficiency
Narrowband allows about 3dB extra sensitivity and noise immunity
– Extreme low noise VCO with ultrafast spectrum scan
for optimal quick & easy setup
– High contrast OLED display
– Automatic scan & transmitter programming through infrared
and Bluetooth 5 long range
– DSP based for extreme flexibility and multi-companding operations
– Monitor & control through USB C or Bluetooth 5 (long range)
on Wisycom Manager 2.0 (computer SW)
– Rear antenna connectors and micro audio and power adapter

Go to the Wisycom website for specs and more, here…

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Sound Devices CL-16 Control Surface for Scorpio and 888 (833 in later firmware update)

The CL-16 Linear Fader Control Surface for 8-Series combines the simplicity of traditional analog consoles with the power and flexibility of digital consoles. This bespoke control surface enhances the experience of cart-based mixing with its intuitive operation, 16 silky-smooth faders, 16 dedicated trims, and a glorious panoramic LCD. All of this is elegantly engineered into a 16.3”-wide compact unit which fits in a cart and operates from 12 V DC.

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New ADA8S & ADA8P Modules for Merging HORUS & HAPI Interfaces

These new remotely controlled Mic/Line Input and Output cards are 3rd generation Dual Gain topology designs, inspired by the outstanding Anubis Preamps, that show zero tolerance to any compromise on the audio quality.

Using those combined 8 channel Mic/Line In and Line Out cards allows the Hapi to be configured with up to 16 channels of Analog In/Out and the Horus to have up to 48 channels of Analog In/Out.

These new modules have been added to the Horus & Hapi option cards page on the Merging website and the specifications are available on this specifications page.

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Solid State Logic Deliver Expanded S300 Compact Broadcast Audio Console

Latest S300-48 console for the award-winning System T broadcast IP-native production platform offers extremely powerful features and versatile installation options for mid-scale broadcast and OB applications

OXFORD ENGLAND – Solid State Logic (SSL) announce the release of the new S300-48 fixed layout 48+1 fader compact control surface. Providing a much-requested addition to the S300 console family, it can be combined with the complete portfolio of SSL’s System T consoles, remote tiles and screen interfaces, Tempest Processing Engines, and Network I/O options. The expanded console configuration is designed to integrate with larger System T installations or in stand-alone configurations for smaller broadcast facilities or OB vehicles.

“The S300-48 surface provides real versatility for a modern broadcaster or production facility, where flexibility, proven resilience and price are all concerns. With the recent recognition of our broadcast technology with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation, the S300-48 highlights our ongoing commitment to the broadcast community and enhance the System T production platform.” – Tom Knowles, SSL Broadcast Product Manager

Full Story:

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Start your own Streaming or Recording Studio
Nordic Pro Audio has several solutions for smaller Recording Studios/Home Studios, for musicians who want to create demos or try new ideas.
For those of you, who want to do podcasts or streaming, we also have the right equipment you are looking for.

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This video shows how you can clean all of your DPA Miniature, Subminiature, Headset and 4099 Instrument Microphones (not only omnis with round removable grids).
No cleaning fluids should be used, you will only need demineralized water.

Please note that this video was made a few years ago. Since then, we have done more thorough testing and have discovered that the cleaning guidelines work for both the omnidirectional and directional mics. Despite the title and text, this video shows how you can clean ALL of your DPA Miniature, Subminiature, Headset and 4099 Instrument Microphones.
DPA are planning to remake the video in the near future to avoid any confusion.

Nordic Pro Audio has been announced as the new Distributor of FOSTEX Pro Audio Products in Denmark.

Fostex have been developing high quality products since 1949.
Check out the new 6301N Series here.

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The new CTP Beltpack Range…
CTP have dragged their beltpack range into the 2020s and now present a whole new range of units. The beltpacks have built-in OLED displays for easy setup of their many programmable parameters. In normal use the displays show input/output levels and status for user confidence. All units may be powered by a battery or external 9-16V DC apart from the Dante four wire unit which is PoE or external 9-16V DC.

Utilising the new custom designed lightweight aluminium cases with beltclips the range includes:
• B-DF4 A four channel Dante 4wire beltpack
• B-FW1 Four wire beltpack
• B-HPS Headphone and speaker monitor
• B-HPA Dual/stereo Headphone monitor unit
• B-MA2 Dual low noise Microphone Preamp

See more about CTP Beltpacks Here

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Vær forberedt på fremtiden…
I takt med at flere og flere ting bliver trådløse, stiger støjgulvet, vores RF spektrum indskrænkes, og det bliver meget sværere at bruge trådløse mikrofoner i fremtiden.
Fuld digitale systemer har problemer i støjfyldte miljøer, derfor har Wisycom valgt hybrid løsningen, hvor man bibeholder robustheden fra FM, men har fordelene ved digital lydbehandling.

MRK980 er fremtidens modtager, frekvens båndbredden er 170-1160 mHz , så den vil kunne arbejde i hele verden, lang ud i fremtiden!
Man kan skifte mellem wideband og narrowband. Ved narrowband kan man bruge 40 kanaler i én TV kanal (8 mHz) med fuld sendestyrke og fuld rækkevidde. Da Wisycoms sendere er intermodulationsfrie giver det næsten ubegrænsede muligheder antal af kanaler.

Desuden kan MRK980 multicompande, dvs. at man kan bruge analoge sendere fra f.eks. Sennheiser, Shure, Audio Ltd., Q5X og Lectrosonics sammen med MRK980. PTT. Funktion er standard, ligesom Dante, AES, analog, GPIO, samt bluetooth 5 long range for remote control af næste generations sendere.
MRK980 kan opgraderes til direkte fiber tilslutning med det nye expansion board.

See more about Wisycom MRK980 Here

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Har du trådløst udstyr i 700 MHz båndet?
Energistyrelsen inddrager pr. 3. April 2020 hele 700 MHz båndet, som følge af en omrokering i tv-kanalplanerne og 5G netværket.
Herefter er det ikke tilladt at bruge trådløse mikrofon- og in ear-systemer, der opererer på disse frekvenser.

Vi tilbyder derfor at tage dit brugte 700 MHz udstyr i bytte, ved køb af nyt Mipro udstyr. Jo dyrere model du vælger, jo større bliver rabatten.

Frem mod 3. april 2020 bliver tv-sendenettet bygget om, for at rydde 700 MHz båndet. Følg linket her til for at se hvilke frekvenser, du vil kunne anvende nu og efter 3. april 2020 (der kan forekomme uventede ændringer).

For konkret tilbud:
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888 – Unprecedented Recording Power
Meet the 888 from Sound Devices – the portable mixer-recorder that’s compact and light enough to use in a bag, yet has the high channel count and power required for mobile cart productions. The 888 is the smallest portable mixer-recorder on the market that offers Dante for sending and receiving audio over Ethernet. With 8 ultra low-noise, 8-Series microphone preamplifiers, 16 channels, 20 tracks, multiple powering methods, and support for multiple USB control surfaces, the 888 can be easily tailored to your workflow. An updated processing architecture and multiple FPGAs enables the 888 to be fully routable: any physical input may be sent to any track, bus, or output.

• 8 ultra low-noise, 8-Series microphone preamplifiers
• 16 channels, 10 buses, 20 tracks
• 16 channels of Dante I/O
• 256 GB internal SSD, 2 SD card slots
• USB control surface support via MCUDugan Automixing or MixAssist for up to 16 channels

See more about Sound Devices 888 here

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Nordic Pro Audio has been announced as the new Distributor of MIPRO in Denmark.

MIPRO is well known for their wireless microphone systems and wireless portable speaker systems in a competitive price range.
Different series with either analog and digital systems, means that there is a solution both platforms.

We are happy to welcome MIPRO into the still growing Nordic Pro Audio family.

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The new era in Multichannel IP Audio Codecs
A new era in multichannel IP audio codec streaming. The Gateway is a compact and powerful multichannel IP audio transport solution for radio broadcasters. The Gateway codec streams up to 16 IP audio channels with support for AES67, AES3 and analog I/O as standard.

The Tieline Gateway supports up to 16 mono channels or 8 stereo streams of bidirectional IP audio in 1RU to increase efficiency and reduce rack space requirements for engineers. It interfaces with legacy analog and AES/EBU digital sources, as well as newer broadcast plants with AES67 IP audio infrastructure. An optional WheatNet-IP interface is also available

See more about the Tieline Gateway here

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833 – Newest baby from Sound Devices
The 833 is the professional’s tool for mobile and small productions. Like the popular Sound Devices 633, the 833 is small, lightweight, and compact.
A tactile interface with dedicated faders, trim knobs, and PFL switches makes this mixer-recorder ideal for run-and-gun bag use.

The 833 has 6 mic/line preamplifiers, 8 channels, 12 tracks, 6 analog outputs, and ultra-accurate timecode. Many features have carried over from the premium Sound Devices’ Scorpio, such as Sound Devices’ new preamplifier design, 2 SD card slots, dual L-Mount battery charging and powering, and an internal 256 GB SSD.

• 6 ultra low-noise, all-new microphone preamplifiers
• 8 channels, 6 buses, 12 tracks
• 6 analog outputs
• Ultra-accurate timecode
• 256 GB internal SSD, 2 SD card slots
• USB-A and C ports for SD-Remote app, linear fader control via MCU, keyboard, and file transfer
• Dugan Automixing for up to 8 channels

See more about Sound Devices 833 here

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Scorpio v2.00 featuring Dugan Automix
Sound Devices announces firmware version 2.00 for Scorpio: a 32 channel, 36 track portable mixer-recorder designed for state-of-the-art production sound. Firmware version 2.00 includes Dugan Automixing and other anticipated features such as support for additional third party USB control surfaces and the ability to email CSV and PDF Sound Reports from the companion app SD-Remote.

See more about DUGAN Automix and SCORPIO here

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Introducing the DPA 2028 Vocal Microphone
One mic allows you to capture true sound and produce an unforgettable show. Effortlessly. The 2028 Vocal Microphone is designed for the unique challenges of live stage performances. It is a flexible handheld vocal mic, which provides transparent, fantastic vocals to performers from a wide range of markets including live, HoW, broadcast, etc. Available in wired or wireless versions; either way, just plug it in and hear the vocals shine like never before.

The 2028 sports a supercardioid capsule with the famously flat DPA off-axis response. This gives the microphone a very high gain-before-feedback and at the same time makes it so much easier for sound engineers to handle bleed from other instruments at close proximity. The 2028 picks up these off-axis sounds in the most natural way.
We have designed a brand new capsule for the 2028, which is an integral part of the mic. It is fixed in its position on top of the shock mount and can’t be dismounted. The newly-designed shock mount and pop filter have been developed specifically for the 2028.

• Renowned DPA sound
• Natural vocals – from folk to metal
• Reduces feedback issues
• Rugged enough for the live stage
• Uniform supercardioid directionality
• Extreme SPL handling

The 2028 is available in three versions:
• Wired XLR type with handle
• Wireless adapter for Shure (SL1 adapter, which also suits Sony and Lectrosonics)
• Wireless adapter for Sennheiser (SE2 adapter, series 2000, 6000, 9000)

On a live stage, the 2028 will deliver the same open and transparent sound that other DPA microphones deliver. In fact, it needs no (or very little) EQ to sound just like you are standing next to the singer listening to their performance. This allows the singer to use their voice just as if no mic was present, which puts less strain on them. In addition, it allows sound engineers to spend their time shaping the sound experience rather than covering up due to artifacts. This amazing transparency is unique for DPA vocal mics.

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A single product with multiple workflows. A Monitor controller that also controls your network. A Music recording hub that allows you to network a whole band or orchestra. A low latency mixer and processor with extraordinary audio quality. More features than you can believe and made in Switzerland.

Would you expect anything less from Merging?


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Scorpio is a 32 channel, 36 track mixer-recorder and the most powerful product ever designed by Sound Devices. With 16 mic/line preamplifiers, 32 channels of Dante in and out, AES in and out, 12 analog outputs and multiple headphone outputs, Scorpio is well-suited for any production scenario.

Featuring a fully-customizable routing matrix, ultra-low noise preamplifiers, multiple powering options, a premium-quality build equally useable over-the-shoulder or in a mobile rig, high-powered processing, and an internal 256GB SSD with two SD card slots, Scorpio is the ideal tool for a new era of production sound.

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DPA d:screet™ CORE Subminiature Microphones are just 3 mm (0.12 in) in size but pack the audio power of larger, award-winning DPA mics. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in clarity, consistency and durability – three qualities that really matter.

Available both as a lavalier and in a headset solution, these mics are the smallest, yet most powerful mics you can find better

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Taking inspiration from the fabled Sony C-37A, Manley Labs introduces the Manley Reference Silver Microphone. Featuring an American built capsule by David Josephson and a Manley designed circuit, this microphone has a warm and rich tone.

The Manley Reference Silver Microphone offers a mechanical selector on the rear of the head basket that is switchable between cardioid and omni pick-up patterns. Boasting a mic grade 5670 vacuum tube, Manley IRON® transformers, and a low-noise switch mode power supply, the Manley Reference Silver Microphone is a studio workhorse.

This microphone is at home in-front of instruments that range from female vocalists, to saxophones, from drum overheads to banjos.
Use the Manley Reference Silver Microphone where you might be thinking about a ribbon, and use it with confidence!

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Sound Devices adds MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M to the M-Series – two new powerful multitrack audio recorders with built-in USB audio interface designed specifically for musicians recording with or without a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).
The MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M are the newest members of the versatile MixPre M-Series and record up to 12 tracks of studio-grade audio and offer built-in musician-focused features like overdub, track laying, punch in/out, bounce, reverb, vocal air, and metronome. The M-Series can also stream multiple channels of audio via USB to a computer—ideal for music composers working with a DAW.
Meticulously engineered to offer extreme flexibility and sound quality, the versatile M-Series sets a new standard for what’s possible from an audio recorder. The M-Series models feature Sound Devices’ world-class Kashmir™ mic preamps and ultra-low-noise A-to-D architecture—offering the tone and warmth of analog recordings desired by all musicians and audiophiles.

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Danish King of Rock, Jesper Binzer (D-A-D) is currently out on tour with his Solo Album, “Dying is Easy”. 24 clubs and 11 festivals throughout 2018. On the tour he uses a Wisycom wireless system including MTH-400 Handheld Transmitter (fitted with a Shure KSM8 head), MRK-960 Dual Receiver and 2 ADB wideband UHF omnidirectional antennas.

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CORE is a powerful new technology at the heart of DPA miniature microphones. They minimized distortion. From a whisper to a scream, you will experience increased clarity and openness. CORE is available for select models of d:screet™ Miniature Microphones and d:fine™ Headset Microphones Series.

• CORE makes DPA miniature microphones even better.
• CORE minimizes distortion
• CORE expands dynamic range
• CORE sounds better

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Meyer Sound studio monitor agency has been with Nordic Pro Audio for a while, but it is with pleasure that we now also have been able to negotiate the entire LIVE part of Meyer Sound’s highly reputable products. We look forward to sharing our expertise and know-how.

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Sound Engineer Simon Allen puts Wisycom’s new professional IEM solution to the test in the april issue of Light & Sound International Magazine
Read the test in the magazine (Subscribe here: or download as PDF here…

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We are proud to announce that Nordic Pro Audio are now Official CINELA Agent in Denmark.

CINELA makes extremely light and sophisticated Microphone Suspensions & Windshields, known worldwide as the choice of professionals.

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Nordic Pro Audio has been announced as the new Distributor of MANLEY LABORATORIES Inc. Pro Audio Products in Denmark.

MANLEY LABORATORIES Inc. in recent years has expanded and thrived under Eve Anna Manley’s leadership. Our 11,000 sq. ft. building houses our own machine shop, printed circuit board manufacture, audio transformer winding, engraving, and silk-screening facilities. All custom design, R&D, assembly, testing, and quality control processes are performed with precision and pride at the Manley factory, located just 35 miles east of Los Angeles. All MANLEY products are built in Chino, not China.

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We are proud to add SCHOEPS to our ever growing line of high grade products. Nordic Pro Audio is now the new Danish Distributor.

The SCHOEPS name enjoys great respect worldwide, and is associated with products that are impressive in their excellent quality, simple elegance, and ingenious practicality. Without a doubt SCHOEPS is one of the most innovative and original of microphone manufacturers.

The SCHOEPS company can look back on a tradition of 60 years in which it has specialized completely in building condenser microphones and accessories of the highest quality. In one of the oldest buildings in Durlach, 35 co-workers develop, build and distribute the entire product palette, and take care of customers from all over the world.

The sonic transparency of the microphones has always been at the forefront of all our concerns. It is thus no surprise that SCHOEPS has many adherents in the realm of classical music, as well as film and television audio.

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