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Nordic Pro Audio and Dolby International have signed a DOLBY CERTIFIED SERVICE PARTNER contract. Dolby has appointed Nordic Pro Audio the rights to provide marketing, consultations and support for Dolby Atmos studios in Denmark.

As of now Nordic Pro Audio offers official Dolby Atmos calibrations and Atmos studio design as well as consultation and sales of necessary equipment for Dolby Atmos. Nordic Pro Audio has a continuous and close collaboration with Dolby and through our experience with Dolby Atmos we will continue to make events and seminars about this format.

We are trained by Dolby in room design, system design, calibration, software and guidelines for Dolby Atmos. Regardless of which equipment you choose, we can help you getting setup for creating in Atmos.

Dolby Atmos calibrated studios can apply to be visible on the Dolby website

Dolby Atmos - Cinematic and Home entertainment

Dolby Atmos - Cinematic and Home entertainment

In cooperation with Dolby, we offer our expertise in building Dolby Atmos studios and to help you identify the best Dolby Atmos studio-solutions for your studio. We are highly experienced in building complete studio solutions and skilled users of the Dolby Atmos Format.

Dolby Atmos - Broadcast

Dolby Atmos has become a populair format now available on many on-line streaming services and is swiftly expanding onto flow-TV.
We work closely with some of the key partners on the market and offer our expertise in building professional Atmos systems for live broadcast.

Frank Grønbæk

Frank Grønbæk

Product Specialist
+45 24 63 30 65

Kenneth Isen

Kenneth Isen

Product Specialist
+45 21 66 44 88