Shotgun microphones are characterized by their acoustic design and the fact that they are longer than other microphones. Due to their design, these microphones mainly respond to sound from specific angles and pick up sound from a greater distance, making them perfect for Tv and film production.

DPA 4017 Shotgun Mic
FromDKK 10.095,00(ex. VAT)
DPA 4017B-R Shotgun Mic with Rycote Windshield
DKK 13.225,00(ex. VAT)
DPA 4017C Compact Shotgun Mic with Rycote Windshield
DKK 11.995,00(ex. VAT)
DPA 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Mic, Black MicroDot, 10 cm (4 in) full Gooseneck
DKK 3.015,00(ex. VAT)
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