Short and Compact

Short and compact microphones are quite small, usually between 6-20cm long with a 19-21cm diameter. They can be omni-directional, receiving sound from all angles, or directional, like the cardioid- or super cardioid microphones that primarily responds to sound from specific angles.

DPA 4018 Supercardioid Mic
FromDKK 10.355,00(ex. VAT)
DPA 4018 Supercardioid Tabletop Mic, 5 cm (2 in), Black, XLR
DKK 11.435,00(ex. VAT)
DPA 4060 Omni Boundary Layer Mic, Silver and Black, XLR
DKK 4.135,00(ex. VAT)
DPA 4060/61/62/63 Boundary Layer Mount, Black
DKK 135,00(ex. VAT)
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