Terms of trade / Handelsbetingelser

Terms and conditions when shopping with us.

Terms and conditions as stated on our website and in our web-shop, at any given time, applies to any purchase made in our web shop, at nordicproaudio.com or by contacting us directly. Nordic Pro Audio ApS can rightfully change terms of trade at any given time, with no further notice than changes made public to terms of trade, here on our website www.nordicproaudio.com. We encourage you to always check up on the latest terms of trade before shopping with us. When you shop in our web shop or directly at Nordic Pro Audio you consent to the terms and conditions stated on our website at any given time, even if changes have been made since you last checked.

Order, order confirmation and billing

When you make purchases from our web shop nordicproaudio.com or by dealing with us directly you consent to the following terms and conditions with Nordic Pro Audio ApS, Hobrovej 66, 2610 Rødovre (VAT-no. DK36975032): Placing an order in our web shop, must be carried out from the website www.nordicproaudio.com. We only do business-to-business trade and shopping with us requires a VAT number which we kindly request you to fill in when completing your order online or to have at hand when dealing with us directly. If you fail to fill in the VAT-number in the online formular, you must expect completion of your order to be prolonged, since we have to get in touch with you to obtain the number.

Prices are excluding VAT

All prices displayed in our web-shop at nordicproaudio.com are given in Danish currency DKK and are always excluding 25% VAT, except when otherwise is stated.

Purchase minimum

There is no purchase-minimum for orders placed in our web-shop at nordicproaudio.com

Order confirmation

Upon completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation to the e-mail you have noted when filling in your details. Please double-check that you have filled in the correct e-mail address.

Delivery and delivery charges

Nordic Pro Audio ApS currently offers delivery via GLS for just DKK 69,00 ex. VAT for shipments to Denmark up to 7 kg gross weight. The delivery fee will be added to your final invoice. For other destinations or weights please inquire.

Pick-up and delievery

We ship all orders with a carrier of our choice and we also offer a pick-up choice from our facilities at Hobrovej 66, 2610 Rødovre. We generally ship our deliveries with GLS (General Logistic services) or PostNord but we may choose to ship with other carriers whenever convenient. You will be notified when your order is ready for shipping.

We also offer a pick-up choice and let you pick up the order from our facilities in Rødovre. Orders ready for pick-up must be picked up within normal opening hours, which can be found on our website. You will be notified when your order is ready for pick-up.

Delivery time

We aim to always process your order as quickly as possible and ship within 1-3 business days but sometimes it can take a longer. From the time of shipping, you need to allow for at least 1-3 business days for the delivery to arrive. If you have ordered an item that is not in stock, delivery time will be prolonged and we will provide you with an estimated time of delivery as quickly as possible

Out of stock.

While we have many items on stock, sometimes an items may not be readily available for shipping even though it is accessible in or web shop, and you have been able to order it. If we are unable to process your order due to an item not being in stock, we will inform you, and when possible, provide you with an estimated time of delivery. Items not being in stock, may sometimes be due to upholds in supply chains and at the manufactures, in which we have no control over.


Once your order is ready for shipping or pick-up, we will issue a receipt to the billing e-mail address you have given us. If we, for some reason, are unable to deliver any items on your order, it will show on the invoice as they will not be charged. We only charge your credit card for items that ready for shipping or pick up.
Always make sure to check the goods you have received are in accordance with what you have ordered, and corelate with the information on the invoice.

Invoice copies.

Should you require extra copies of an invoices, please contact Nordic Pro Audio customer service department Tel.no. +45 3120 7021

Online Payment

Payment for any purchase made in our web shop is charged to your credit card when your order is ready for shipping or pick-up. In some cases, you will find the amount due has already been pre-deposited on your Credit card and therefore held, and not available for spending, even though we have not yet drawn the payment and it may not appear on your bank statement. This normal procedure when shopping online. If your order is cancelled, any pre-deposit made to your credit card will be annulled but please note it may take some time for your bank to release the deposit – sometimes it can take up to weeks. We recommend you contact you bank to resolve the matter should it cause any problems to you.


You can shop with us by placing an order in our webshop or by reaching out to us on tel. +45 3120 7021 during normal opening hours or by e-mailing us: info@nordicproaudio.com We are happy to help you with your order and answer any questions you may have.


When you shop online at Nordicproaudio.com you are protected by SSL-technology supplied by Worldline / Bambora. Your payment details are digitally processed and protected by bambo Worldline / Bambora and encrypted SSL-technology, providing a high level of protection from Credit Card misuse.

Cancellation of orders and return policy, business to business.

We only deal in business-to-business trade, and therefore you do not legally have any rights to refunds or returns of any items.


If an items you have received, does not match the invoice or the items you have ordered, we kindly request you to bring this to our attention before two weeks after the invoice was issued. If you fail to notice us within two weeks after, you consent and will lose you right to returning the item and to reclaim the right item.

Cancellation of orders

If you wish to cancel any order placed in our web shop at www.nordicproaudio.com, please contact us at info@nordicproaudio.com or tel. +45 3120 7021.

Price policy

Nordicproaudio.com does not offer any price match guarantee or price protection. We recommend you always search the market for special offers and general pricing, before placing an order with us.

Using our website www.nordicproaudio.com

When using our website, the same terms and conditions that applies that applies in our web shop applies at nordicproaudio.com.

Contact details.

nordicproaudio.com c/o Nordic Pro Audio ApS CVR-nr.: 36975032 Hobrovej 66 2610 Rødovre info@nordicproaudio.com +45 3120 7021

Terms and conditions for using our website nordicproaudio.com

Access to the website www.nordicproaudio.com is supplied by Nordic Pro Audio ApS and the following terms and conditions apply: By accessing nordicproaudio.com you consent to the following terms and conditions stated on the website nordicproaudio.com. If you do not consent to the following terms and conditions, do not access the website nordicproaudio.com. We may change terms and conditions at any given time without prior notice, except for the changes made to our terms of conditions page, here on our website. It is your responsibility to make sure you are always aware and updated as per our current terms and conditions.

When you access nordicproaudio.com

It is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish, mirror, edit, post or in any other way use content found on the website Nordicproaudio.com for any other purposes that your own personal and non-commercial use, with the EXCEPTION of your own personal and private information. You agree to only use nordicproaudio.com for legal purposes and to only use nordicproaudio.com in a way that does not limit, prevent or restrict anybody else’s right to or experience of, using www.nordicproaudio.com. This includes behavior that harasses or diminish others, or nor prevent a normal dialogue within the framework of www.nordicproaudio.com.

Disclaimer and limited liability.

Any information, names, photos, logos, or icons regarding or relating to any of our products or services on nordicproaudio.com are provided as seen, and we are not liable (3. parties included) for any dissatisfactory quality, safety, correct and appropriate use, or compatibility with other products.
Under no circumstances can nordicproaudio.com be held accountable for the loss of data, loss of revenue or expected income, loss of trade and business opportunities, loss of goodwill or damaged reputation, any loss involving a third party, nor any direct or indirect damage caused by, or following, the use of any information given on nordicproaudio.com Nordidproaudio.com does not guarantee the website or its web shop to be functioning optimally at all times, with no errors nor to be free of harmful components.

Intellectual property

All names, photos, logos that identify nordicproaudio.com, Nordic Pro Audio ApS and any third parties, and their products and services, are protected by copyright, and it is strictly prohibited to copy, reproduce, republish, mirror, or modify any content found on this website, for commercial purposes.

How we deal with your personal information

When you shop at nordicproaudio.com we collect some necessary data and ask for your personal information, such as your name, company name, address, phone number and email address. Your personal information is not sold or shared with any third parties and is always stored in accordance with Danish law and regulations. Nordicproaudio.com does not store your Credit Card information. These informations are purely processed and exchanged by encryption when completing your order. Nordic pro audio does not have access to your credit card details. We also use cookies on nordicproaudio.com to enhance your shopping experience.

Cookies and the use of cookies

Our website uses cookies to collect data and enhance customer satisfaction when shopping with us. Cookies are files that are stored on your computer’s hard disk. In doing so it makes it easier for us to customize our website to your needs and thereby enhance a better shopping experience for you, compared to the use of “no cookies”. Below you will find a list of functions we use cookies for when you visit www.nordicproaudio.com:

Cookies are used for:

  • Enhancing your shopping experience.
  • Choosing the language of your preferences. (currently we only have English available).
  • Inform you of delivery costs. *Making our website support your browser in the best way possible.

Cookies enhances and support your shopping experience by;

  • Allowing you to collect items in your basket and not be logged in.
  • Allowing you to choose to stay logged in, in-between your visits to our website.
  • Making it possible to show you a list of the products you have previously viewed.
  • Making it possible to highlight products for you that you have previously shown interest for.
  • Allowing us to information about the use of the site, through Google Analytics
  • Allowing us to collect information about the usage of the most preferred and popular pages on our website and hence, develop our website to match our customer preferences.

3rd part cookies

Third part cookies may be placed on your computer by websites such as Facebook or Twitter if you allow third part cookies. You can reject third part cookies.

If you do not like cookies

If you are unhappy about the use of cookies when entering our website, you can disable cookies by setting up your browser to automatically decline cookies. This will however, most likely cause some disruption to the optimal use of this website site and your shopping experience – and probably other websites too.