DPA Curved Clip, Double, Black

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Holder for miniature microphones. This double holder can carry two mini microphones at once. It creates distance to the capsule, minimizing noise created from clothes and fabric contact. It is flexible – you can use it for both left- and right-side mounting.

This holder is used with omnidirectional microphones that pick up sound perfectly, no matter which direction the microphone is placed in. The rear cable hook controls cable run behind clothes and minimizes the mic’s visual appearance.

Use with:

  • DPA 4060
  • DPA 4061
  • DPA 4062
  • DPA 4063
  • DPA 4071

The SCM0018 Miniature Microphone Holder is backwards compatible with the non-cable reinforced Lavalier Miniature Microphones via an included sliced-cable relief.

  • 1x DPA Curved Clip, Double, Black