BSRF PM-1 Broadband RF power meter

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PM-1 Broadband RF power meter, the Swiss knife of RF.

Measure attenuation of coaxial cables, test RF power of your transmitters in the 10MHz-1000MHz range.

Simple and accurate it will be the ideal RF companion of sound professional but not limited to.


  • 10-1000MHz bandwidth
  • 43dB of dynamic:
    • -10dBm(0,1mW) to +33dBm(2W)
  • Displays power as mW or dBm
  • Relative mode to measure cable loss easily
  • External att/amp compensation to measure power above and under limits
  • Configurable alarm
  • Rugged aluminium enclosure
  • 9V battery powered

A relative mode helps you to measure insertion loss of passive devices or amplification of active ones. With the relative mode you can measure insertion loss of coaxial cables, filters and also check gain of an amplifier.

Advanced users will appreciate compensation to allows measurement above 2W and under 0,01mW, monitor forward or reflected power (with optionnal coupler) and threshold alarm with physical output(open collector) port to add a warning or switch amplifier.

The PM-1 robust construction, all aluminium case and high quality grade BNC is designed to last.

1x BSRF PM-1 Broadband RF power meter


  • Bandwidth - 10-1000MHz
  • Max RF input - 2W (+33dBm)
  • Min RF input - 0,1mW (-10dBm)
  • Input SWR - 1,32 max (10-3000MHz)
  • Accuracy:
    • +0,2dB typ(0 to 33dBm)
    • +0,4dB typ(-10 to 0dBm)
  • Power Supply - 9V battery (30mA)
  • Autonomy - Up to 8h (continuous)
  • Dimensions - 84x59x31mm
  • Weight - 0,2kg