Odyo Medium Necklace 54cm for Cos11 and DPA 4060

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Superior Necklace

It’s for mounting lav mics on cast/talent. What makes this necklace special, is the way that the mic always is in its right place, and that rustle from fabrics is minimal. On reality shows this is a great advantage, when the cast are in the “reality bubble”.

We suggest using the Bubblebee BBI-L02 windjammer (not included).

Designed for Sanken Cos-11 and DPA 4060


  • Small Size: 50 cm String
  • Medium Size: 54 cm String
  • Large Size: 58 cm String
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel – Thermoplastic – Leather

Instructional video


Do the Odyo necklaces come in various sizes?

Yes, they come in Small, Medium and Large.

How do I see the size of an Odyo necklace?

On the clasp, there is a small laser engraved S/M/L

Are the necklaces marked with a colour showing the size?

Yes, at the end of the clasp. And just think of a traffic light: Red (S), Yellow (M), Green (L)

Can I use the Odyo Necklaces with Sanken COS-11?

Yes you can. Use the small metal windscreen

Can I use the Odyo Necklaces with DPA 4060?

Yes you can. Don’t use the small metal windscreen

How about wind protection?

We recommend the Bubblebee BBI-L2 in normal outdoor windy conditions.

I am going to a very windy beach, to do a show. Should I use the BubblebeeBBI-L2?

We recommend the Bubblebee BBI-L3 in very windy conditions. They are a bit hard to assemble, but once fitted, the result is more windproof.

How should I instruct the user of the necklace?

Tell the person to always run the mic cable down their backs.

How do I put on the necklace?

Open the clasp, and hold the two ends in front of you. Make sure that the leather is not twisted, and that the steel plate is facing towards you, and the mic is facing away from you, and mount the necklace.

What kind of steel are the parts made of?

The steel that we use for the backplate is 304 steel, and the clasp is made of 316 steel. We chose these materials to eliminate allergic skin reactions.

  • 1x Odyo Medium Necklace 54cm
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