Ambient - Nanolockit - Timecode & Logging - DUO Kit

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For over 30 years, Ambient Timecode has been synonymous with precision and reliability. The world's most respected post-productions insist on using Ambient Timecode on set because it saves them valuable time. Why timecode saves time? Find out here.

The NanoLockit is the smallest member of the Lockit family. Its form factor and intuitive operation make it the timecode solution for everyone - from mobile teams with DSLR cameras to large cinema sets. Go Nano!


  • Highly accurate timecode generator
  • Logging feature included
  • Less than 1 frame drift per day in autonomous mode, zero drift with active C-Jam master in ACN
  • Supports all TC framerates
  • Full ACN support for ease of use and enhanced network capabilities


Since firmware version 6.30 the NanoLockit can additionally be used as a Logger. This feature was designed with content creators, directors and filmmakers in mind. With the NanoLockit logger you can mark good and bad clips directly on set. One button for "good take", one button for "bad take" - maximum simplicity for intuitive operation from your pocket.

The big advantage: never waste time sorting good and bad clips again. Just connect the NanoLockit Logger to your computer via USB after shooting. With one click you can import the logs as markers into your editing software. Learn more about the Logger here.


The Ambient Communication Network (ACN) is our own wireless network that connects all Lockit boxes on set. A stable, interference-resistant radio network - completely without Bluetooth and WiFi. This makes the connection independent of interfering radiations, bad network or adverse weather conditions.


ACN is the reason why our „One Button Syncing“ reduces the setup effort on set to a press of a button. You press the green button on one of the Lockits or NanoLockits for three seconds, and via ACN all other Lockit devices (in the same ACN channel) are synchronized in terms of TC and frame rate settings. This initial sync already ensures frame accuracy for the whole day.


All important functions can be controlled via the buttons. So there is no need for an additional app. The NanoLockit can either start directly with the built-in real-time clock or be fed with external timecode via the LEMO-compatible plug-in connection. Even the synchronization of a complex setup is literally done with a single button press with the NanoLockit.


The slim form factor of the NanoLockit makes it the perfect match for DSLR setups. Since DSLR cameras don't have a dedicated TC input, the timecode here is recorded to an audio track via the 3,5mm audio jack. To do so you need this cable. Of course, the microphone input is occupied. If you want to record audio on the camera in parallel, you can use our corresponding cable whip.

  • 2x Ambient - Nanolockits
  • 2x Micro USB cables
  • 2x Strips of adhesive, high grade dual lock tape (velcro)
  • 2x Lanyard straps
  • 4x Sets of antenna caps (2x red & 2x blue)
  • Auto framerate configuration on jam
  • Professional, locking Lemo compatible connector with TC in/out and ACN metadata support
  • Timecode output level adjustable for LTC on audio track on non-timecode equipment as DSLRs
  • Metadata transceiver for RED Digital Cinema cameras
  • Generator buffered timecode transceiver with
  • Self-configuring SMPTE and MIDI timecode in- and output
  • Easy-to-read bicolor status LED
  • Micro USB connector for external power supply, simultaneous internal battery charging, MIDI timecode, communication, and firmware updates
  • 25 hrs operation on full charge in 2 hrs, fast charge 15 min for 4hrs of operation
  • Solid aluminium body
  • Size: 65.5 mm x 36,5 mm x 21 mm plus antenna 31mm
  • Weight: 72 g