Sound Devices - A20 Battery Doubler

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A20-Mini Dual Battery Adapter for Extended Run Time

  • Double the battery run time of your A20-Mini. With the A20-BatteryDoubler’s two NP-BX1 batteries, expect up to 9 hours battery run time.
  • Easy and quick to fit. Swap the BatteryDoubler back and forth with the standard A20-Mini battery door in seconds.*
  • Super-compact. With the BatteryDoubler fitted, the A20-Mini’s height and width are unchanged. Only its depth is increased.
  • Dual NP-BX1 charging. Both batteries are charged simultaneously when the A20-Mini is connected to a USB-C power source.
  • Water-resistant. With the BatteryDoubler’s door closed, the A20-Mini is resistant to water and sweat.
  • Compatible with the PowerStation-8M charging, file transfer, and timecode station. Charge up to eight A20-Minis or four when fitted with the BatteryDoubler.**

PowerStation-8M BatteryDoubler Upgrade

Already own a PowerStation-8M? You can have your PowerStation-8M upgraded to support the new A20-BatteryDoubler for free. Contact us for more information.

  • 1x Sound Devices - A20 Battery Doubler
Sound Devices A20 Mini - Digital Wireless Transmitter
Sound Devices A20 Mini - Digital Wireless Transmitter
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